Kristin Austin: Wife Of WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Kristen Austin is the best-loved wife of Steve Austin. She is a lady of dignity and regulations. As we all know the WWE personality Steve Austin, is commonly known by his ring name, “STONE COLD”. He has suffered three unsuccessful marriages which ended on the note of divorce. 

But the entry of this lady, Kristin Austin, has changed the disrupted dimensions of his life and gives him a smooth and cozy life ahead. Yes, she is the fourth wife of Steve Austin.

She is the life-altering spin on the American Wrestler’s existence. She has such charm and brilliance on her face that attracts Steve and even every one of us, to her personality.

Kristin Austin’s Bio

Kristin Austin was not a famous personality at an early age. She was just a normal girl who followed her family’s instructions and moved with their rules and regulations. She came into the limelight after she tied a knot with Stone Cold. She became famous as Steve Austin’s wife.

After three futile marriages, Steve Austin finally gets the perfect life companion for his living. 

Let’s know some information about Stone Cold’s better half:

Steve Austin’s Wife’s Age, Height, And Weight

As I said earlier, Kristin was just a normal, unknown personality before her marriage, Steve Austin’s entry into her life made her a well-known human but still after this, she did not disclose much about herself. She is not a fame seeker at all. She has never taken advantage of his husband’s fame to become popular. 

She never disclosed her age till now but we can assume that with her charming face that she must be in her early 40s. 

Her physique is just so flawless, that her weight is neither too much nor too less. She is a normal height lady who suits so well with the great Stone Cold. 

Her Early Life, Education, Hobbies, And Career

Kristin Austin was an American-born lady, she spent her childhood in the United States of America. As she is a very simple person and does not like to disclose much about herself and her family, she didn’t even reveal the name of her mother, father, or any sibling. She wants to keep her family away from the public eye and wants them to live a simple and happy life. 

As there was a saying that not everyone can handle stardom, maybe this is also the reason. 

If we come to her education, then again there is no solid evidence that reveals the name of her school and university. We only know that she is a well-educated person and attended a reputed university. 

Her hobbies were not imparted by her as well but we can say for sure that she is a family-loving person, who took her family and their care to the top.

When we come to talk about Kristin’s career details then we can not say it confidentially if she is a housewife or a professional lady because neither she nor his husband, Steve ever mention her work.

Kristen’s Life Partner- Steve Austin

We don’t know about the previous chapters of Kristin’s life, but currently, her life partner or we can say her husband is Steve Austin, the Stone Cold of WWE. She is happily married to Steve and living a prosperous life. 

  • Steve Austin is a famous wrestler in America and has won many titles. He is the hero of the early ’90s and got an extra title as the “texas rattlesnake”, but due to his neck injury issues, he retired in 2003. 
  • Steve Austin’s three marriages which ended in divorce before getting settled with Kristin were so stressful for Steve and made him so depressed and the third marriage ended in 2003, the year of his retirement from WWE. But the arrival of Kristen in his life has made him a better person along with a prosperous man.
  • Kristin is the fourth wife of Steve Austin and the heartbeat of his heart. They tied the knot in 2009 and from then on they lived together happily. Steve often says that Kritsn has made him a better person.
  •  She was seen almost everywhere with Steve. Steve Austin loves and adores his wife so much. She has changed the twisted life of the wrestler into an accurate path. 

Steve Austin’s Wife’s Net Worth

So Kristen’s total assets are not exactly known but her husband, Steve’s net is almost $ 30 million, so from that, we can conclude that she will have a reasonable amount of net worth. Also, she belongs to a respected family and is educated as well so we can say that her worth is not so low. 

Steve Austin’s Wife’s Social Media Accounts

Being a non-fame-seeker person she has never made any social media account. We don’t know if she had any personal account for her family or not. But Sometimes we have seen her glimpse on Steve Austin’s Instagram account.


who is Kristin Austin?

Kristen Austin is the fourth and current wife of WWE retired superstar Steve Austin.

When did they get married?

They got married in 2009.

Why does Kristin Austin stay away from the limelight?

because she wants to live a simple and non-problematic life(possibly not from the media and public).

How has she changed Steve Austin’s life?

Steve himself accepted that Kristin has made her life beautiful and made him a better person.

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