Oyster Raised $20 Million For Its HR Platform A Series

Oyster, a company and platform that helps companies with the hiring, onboarding, and subsequent provision of independent contractors and full-time employees with HR services including payroll, benefits, and compensation administration in the area of “knowledge employment,” has completed a $20 million Series A round as per oyster hr 20m 24mlundentechcrunch.

The rise of remote work and the management of workforces that are dispersed far from a single physical location or even nation has brought attention to the human resources technology that businesses use to help manage those workers. One of the HR businesses now enjoying growth reveals today that oyster has secured new investments to grow its business.

About Oyster 

When Oyster first started in 2019, they pondered how to make it simpler for businesses and skilled workers to get employment abroad.

Borders shouldn’t be a barrier when assembling an all-star team. They want to make it simpler than ever for expanding businesses to find, hire, compensate, and care for talented employees—no matter where they are in the world.

They currently have employees who are totally distributed over 60+ nations, and this figure is growing every week. They are working together to offer them to you as well. They recognise the advantages and opportunities that come with working internationally.

The company already operates in 100 countries, and according to CEO Tony Jamous and Jack Mardack, who co-founded it, the goal is to increase that number of markets while also introducing new services, particularly to take advantage of the chance to increase employment in growing economies.

The candidate sourcing process, interviews, or evaluations are not yet covered by Oyster; however, those are areas where it may develop its own technology or partner to offer them as part of its one-stop-shop. As a hint to one prospective product that it might investigate, it has dabbled in virtual job fairs.

According to Jamous, 90 million jobs in rich economies are vacant while 1.5 billion knowledge workers, largely from emerging economies, are expected to enter the workforce during the next 10 years. Being globally dispersed can give you superpowers, but it also presents significant payroll and human resources management challenges.

The fundraising is being led by Emergence Capital, a B2B venture capital firm that has funded companies like Zoom, Salesforce, Bill.com, and their previous sister site Crunchbase.

The Slack Fund, Slack’s strategic investment vehicle, and Connect Ventures, a London-based firm that financed the business at the seed stage in the past, are also taking part.

Oyster HR $ 20M Series

The investment will help Oyster achieve its aim of enabling individuals to work from anywhere while also accelerating its rapid expansion. It is not made public what Oyster is worth. The business has so far raised around $24 million. 

With alternatives for contractors, full-timers, and entire, larger staff deployments in other nations, Oyster’s appeal appears to lie in how simply the services are offered. If you so want, you can offer additional perks to employees.

Additionally, you have several resources at your disposal to help you choose remuneration in each local market and assess how new hires will fit into your broader budgets. Pricing for contractors begins at $29 per person, per month, and goes up to $399 for working with all employees. There are also packages available for larger deployments.

Final Words

Although Oyster has developed the technology to make the process simple for the client, it does collaborate with local partners to deliver some portions of these services.

Similar to other services, it effectively manages payroll and employment on behalf of its clients as a local provider, but it can do so in accordance with contractual terms. 


When was Oyster established?


Who is the CEO of Oyster?

Tony Jamous

In how many countries is the team of Oyster located?


For which series have the funds been raised by Oyster?

Series A

How many funds have been raised by Oyster?


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